Machine guarding refers to the various safety measures and devices used to protect workers from the hazards associated with machinery. These hazards can include moving parts, flying debris, electrical connections, and more. Effective machine guarding is essential to prevent injuries and ensure a safe working environment.
Proper machine guarding is crucial for preventing injuries and fatalities in the workplace. It helps to protect workers from mechanical hazards such as:
  • Point of operation hazards (where the machine performs work)
  • Power transmission apparatus hazards (belts, pulleys, gears, shafts)
  • Other moving parts (rotating, reciprocating, and transverse moving parts)

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Modular , robust , high quality , easy to install, machine safety standard compliant guards for operators and machinery. ISO 14120 and IS16814 Compliant.

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About The Machine Guarding

We are machine safety solution provider based in Vadodara, Gujarat, India. We have well qualified team of professionals and skilled workers for machine safety solutions. We undertake turnkey machine safety implementation projects for end to end. We Have team of competent safety auditor with CMSE, TUV NORD certification. In house design team for mechanical and instrumentation. For guard manufacturing well equipped fabrication shop and electrical panel building area.

We serve in metal and mining industries, Manufacturing facilities, Automotive industries, Smart ware houses.