V Belt/ Chain drive guards

Advantages of V Belt/ Chain drive Guards

  • Easy to install
  • custom fit for each application requirement
  • Modular design for large drives
  • Guards parts can be carried out by one person
  • weight label on each part
  • MS powder coated for long life
  • Available in SS 304 and SS 316L for corrosive environments

V Belt/Chain Drive guards fully enclosed V-Belt Safety Guards, gear drive, and belt drive power transmission system to prevent access to the pinch points around the conveyor belts, fan drives, blower drives, compressor, grinder, and crusher equipment. It helps to keep safe worker/ operator around the drive from entanglements

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Additional Features

  • Handles : Ergonomically friendly handles for easy removal of the guard
  • Wedge Clamps: Eliminate the repetitive motion of tightening and loosening fasteners
  • Modular design : lighter and smaller guard , As a result it is more managble to remove guard without need of any lifting equipment’s
  • Drainage Slots: Ground panels has slots so material built up is less in guard.
  • Removable front guard: for easy belt and pully removable without dismantling whole guard
  • Visibility: Weldmesh with appropriate mesh dimension and color increase the visibility inside belt chain guards

V Belt/Chain drive guards

  • Guards help prevent accidental contact with moving belts or chains, reducing the risk of injuries.
  • They also prevent foreign objects, such as tools or clothing, from entering the moving parts of the drive system.
  • Many industrial standards and regulations mandate the use of guards for certain types of machinery to ensure workplace safety.
  • V Belt Guards:

    Typically, these are open on one side to allow easy inspection and maintenance of V belts. They are often made of metal or other sturdy materials.

  • Chain Drive Guards:

    These guards enclose the entire chain drive system, protecting it from external elements and preventing access to the moving chain.

belt drive guard
chain belt drive guard
chain belt drive guard
chain belt drive guard

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