Machine safety and risk assessment by CMSE® (certified Machine Safety Expert , TUV NORD)

A risk assessment is used in machine safety to identify, document, eliminate or reduce hazards in a particular machine or process. it often takes just a few factors to cause an accident. If you build, retrofit or interlink Machinery, a competent risk assessment is the most important basis on which to design machinery safely or determine the necessary protection measure


Risk assessment is a process which helps identify:

  • Potential hazard
  • Potential Severity of hazard
  • Frequency of exposure to hazards
  • Strategies to implement to minimize hazards and avoid harm

IES – your trusted alley for Risk Assessment

IES has team of CMSE® , ( Certified Machine Safety Expert , TUV NORD) IES takes responsibility and work in partnership with you to undertake inspection of your machinery in accordance with applicable national/ international standards and directives. The aim of the risk assessment is to identify and assess existing hazards and define risk reduction measures.

Risk Assessment – IES Scope

  • ISO 12100: 2010 basis for Risk Assessment for Machinery .
  • Identify the applicable standards and regulations
  • Define Machine’s limits
  • Identify all the risks in each of the machine’s lifecycle phases
  • Estimate and assess the risk
  • Recommend an approach for reducing risk

Your Gain in Risk Assessment

  • Establish your basis for Machinery Safety with our risk assessment
  • Assure compliance with regulations such as the Machinery Directive
  • Integrate safety in new or modified machinery through the early identification of risk
  • Benefit from the technical competence and objectivity of our enterprise


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