A safety lift table bellow guards (also known as lift table bellow, accordion skirting, or scissor lift table guard) comply with the OSHA specifications to keep operators safe and prevent injuries as well as hydraulics free from debris. This means less maintenance and more productivity.

Bellow Table

Mounting of lift table bellow guard

Accordion lift table bellow guards typically mount on the outside of the platform, however, the convolutions/folds would fall either under the lift or outside.  When quoting we ask if you are requiring an inside or outside mount, however, we are really asking if you want the folds to fall under that platform of the lift table or outside the platform. Internal mounting or beveled toe mounting is typically for lifts operated in a pit or limited space around lift table.  For inside mount the base of the lift table must be smaller than platform size allowing clearance for table to freely raise and collapse without pinching or hitting skirting. All our Table lift bellow guards are designed to safety standard EN 1570-2:2016

Inside Mount


Outside Mount


Built to Last

All IES scissor lift table guards are sewn with the highest-quality materials. This inside view of the standard lift table guard shows how the IES web “tie-tapes” are sewn to the inside of each convolution. These web tapes provide extra stability and uniform expansion and contraction of the bellows during operation of the lift table.

All 4-sided IES lift table guards have a durable, vinyl-coated, mesh venting panel sewn into the upper convolution for the release of air, or the drawing in of air, during normal lift table operation

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