Increase operator safety by machine perimeter guarding with the highest quality and visual appalling safety fence

Perimeter machine guards refer to a barrier placed around a work area where an automated piece of equipment-like a robotic arm-performs a function. IES offers a wide range of perimeter guarding solutions for customers, We have modular safety panels made of Mild steel, SS 304, SS 316, We also provide a perimeter guarding solution in polycarbonate panel (PC) for high durability and visibility.

Perimeter Guarding solution to according to European safety standards

We adhere to comply most stringent machine safety standard for designing machine perimeter guarding. our company follows below standards to design safety fencing for machines

Safety :
EN/ISO 13857 Safety distances to prevent hazard zones being reached by upper and lower limbs
EN/ISO 13854 Minimum gaps to avoid crushing of parts of the human body

Price List of  machine safety fence


Choice of specification

The specification will be determined by the application’s requirements and your preferences. Infill material options for bespoke perimeter guards include welded wire mesh, powder-coated sheet steel, clear polycarbonate, stainless steel or combinations of these, in a choice of specifications to suit light-, medium-, heavy-duty and temporary guarding applications. Special panels can be manufactured with cut-outs for conveyors, control panels, structural members or other purposes.

Doors for machine access

Access doors are available in various styles, including hinged single or double doors, sliding doors with top or bottom track, and trackless cantilevered doors for a crane or forklift access. Rise-and-fall doors can be supplied for manual or powered operation, including high-speed roller doors for automated production applications. Suitable safety switches can be pre-installed on each door

Design, supply only or design,supply and install

Our perimeter guarding is designed for ease of installation. Customers can, therefore, do this themselves or use our installation service, with a further option for us to complete the electrical installation of any door interlocks, safety light guards, emergency stop switches, and other safety devices

Machine safety fence

Workplace safety is a paramount concern in industrial settings where heavy machinery and equipment are utilized. In such environments, the risk of accidents and injuries is a constant concern. To address these challenges, one crucial safety measure comes in the form of machine safety fences. These protective barriers are designed to safeguard workers from potential hazards associated with industrial machines, ensuring a safer and more secure work environment.

standard series machine safety panel

Weld mesh safety fencing


Aluminum safety fencing

machine safety fence

Polycarbonate (PC) panel Guarding

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