Safety Devices

We provide electronic safety devices from various brands. These safety devices are used to construct safety related control system that ensure safety in machinery .

The Function of Safety Devices

Control systems that affect safety must be designed to minimize the possibility of danger occurring even when there is a failure in an interlocking device. function of safety devices are equipped with functions such as a direct opening action for switches and a forcibly guided mechanism for relays, as required by standards. These functions are designed to operate correctly within the control system in which they are used. You can find more about safety device standards here.

Type of Safety Devices

  1. INPUT

Safety Devices we offer

safety device

Safety Contoller

relay safety

Safety Switch Euchner

machine safety

Safety Mat

safety guard

Safety Laser Scanner

Safety Switch

Pilz Safety Switch

The mechanical safety switches PSENmech are suitable for safe monitoring of a movable guard. If guards are opened, the safety switches PSENmech are tripped. The hazardous machine movement is then brought to a standstill with the help of the Pilz evaluation device.
Price: ₹ 14500/-


safety modules CS AR 05 and CS AR 06

Pizzato Safety Switch

The safety modules CS AR 05 and CS AR 06 refer to specific components or systems used in various applications to enhance safety measures. However, without more context, it’s difficult to determine their exact nature and usage.
Price: ₹ 5000/-


Function of safety Devices

Safety Relay

  • Secure safety gate systems
  • Optoelectronic protective devices
  • Safe camera systems
  • Electronic monitoring relays
  • Programmable safety and control systems
  • Function of safety Devices Industrial communication


safety guard

Safety Light Curtain

  • Aluminum casing Powder-coated
  • -30 to +55° C Operating temperature Ideal also in cold storage facilities
  • Protected height up to 2,2 meters
  • Caps Glass reinforced polypropylene
  • Zero-Dead-Zone On one side of the curtain


Hazard Warning Schmersal BNS 260-02/01ZG-R 5,0M, Metal

 Schmersal Safety Switch

  • Function of safety Devices Pre-wired cable
  • Thermoplastic enclosure
  • small body
  • Concealed mounting possible
Price: ₹ 6000/-


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