Conveyor Belt Guarding in India

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Conveyor Belts – Hazard zones

Large length of conveyor belts are used to transport bulk are often massive and powerful enough to kill. For Mines and minerals industry , conveyor belts are made of rubber wrapped around big MS round rollers (pully) with idler along the length. It is important to have conveyor belt guarding to minimize the accidents and hazards.

The conveyor itself

A simple conveyor carrying 200 TPH material for 30 meter length, requires around 10 KW of motor drive power. It has a power to carry and elevate tons of material. It can destroy the human.

The Material which is on conveyor

A worker could be injured by the lump of conveyed material or the weight of the large quantity of material spilled or discharged from conveyor belt. A worker can be engulfed by material stream. A worker can also be trapped the material stream and fix object

The Belt

A worker can entangle in conveyor and get carried away wit conveyor . Conveyors have pinch , Nip and shear hazard along the length. In addition to carried away belt acts like a giant grinder conveyor belts have known to cut through steel structure. human body is very soft compared to steel.

Stored energy

When conveyor is stopped, there is stored energy in form of belt tension. If the frication between belt and pully is not sufficient, the belt may release all of the tension with conveyor power down and locked out. This release will usally come in form of pulley slip. The belt move suddenly. If worker is on the belt or close enough to be pulled during sudden release of energy, injury or death can be occur.

Rotating Component

These parts include idlers, drive shafts , pully and speed sensors. high speed moving rotating components presents pinch points hazards. Injuries or deaths caused by rotating parts are around 5% as per OSHA study conveyor belt guarding helps to minimize the accidents due to rotating components.

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