Types of Machine Safety Fences

type of machine safety fence

Types of Machine Safety Fences

machine guarding or perimeter guarding, are physical barriers used to protect individuals from hazards associated with machinery or equipment. These fences play a crucial role in ensuring workplace safety and compliance with regulations such as OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) standards. Here are some common types and features of machine safety fences:

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Interlocked Barriers:

Interlocked fences are equipped with safety interlocks that disable the machine when the barrier is opened. They ensure that the machine cannot operate while the barrier is open, enhancing safety for operators.

Movable Barriers:

These fences are designed to be easily moved or reconfigured as needed. Movable barriers offer flexibility in adapting to changing production needs or repositioning for maintenance activities.

Light Curtains:

Light curtains use beams of light to detect the presence of objects or personnel within a specified area. They provide an invisible barrier and are often used in applications where frequent access to the machine is required.

Fixed Barriers:

These are solid barriers typically made of metal or sturdy materials. They are permanently fixed around the hazardous area of the machine. Fixed barriers provide a high level of protection but may limit access for maintenance and cleaning.

Adjustable Barriers:

These fences allow for customization of the barrier’s position and height. Adjustable barriers are useful in situations where access to the machine is required for maintenance or setup.

perimeter guarding machine safety guarding

Features of Machine Safety Fences

Height and Visibility:

machine safety fence perimeter guarding should be tall enough to prevent access to hazardous areas and provide clear visibility of the machine’s operation. Transparent materials like polycarbonate panels can be used to maintain visibility while still providing protection.


machine safety fence perimeter guarding ought to comprise long-lasting substances capable of withstanding impact and wear. Materials like metal or aluminum are generally used for their power and toughness.

Integration with Machine Controls:

Interlocked obstacles must be incorporated with the device’s control gadget to ensure secure operation. Safety switches and sensors may be used to come across when boundaries are opened or tampered with.

Access Points:

Machine protection fences must include distinctive get-right of entry to factors geared up with gates or doorways. Access points might also have characteristic interlocks or locking mechanisms to save you unauthorized access.

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