Safety Guard – mesh/opening size

Power transmission guards mainly chain drive and belt drive guards are constructed from woven mesh , weld mesh or perforated metal. This gives guard inside visibility and heat transfer space , It is also required to take temperature of pully and sheevs. So what is the optimum / maximum opening allowed in Safety guard ?

what is the optimum/maximum opening allowed in the Safety guard?

Mesh or grid guards must be installed with sufficient clearance to prevent any person from reaching through the openings and contacting the danger point. This is done by placing the guard at a safe distance from hazardous moving parts.

The effectiveness of a guard opening can be judged by a reach test
carried out with the machinery locked out and safely at rest. The
relationship between the size of the opening in the guard and the
distance to the danger point is illustrated below

One has to take care of machine safety standard ISO 14120:2015 Safety of machinery — Guards — General requirements for the design and construction of fixed and movable guards. IES provides all type of this safety guard accordingly the ISO standard, Few are listed as below.



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