Safety Guarding in Crusher

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Hazards in crushers

In the Mining process, Crushers are the first line of equipment for processing raw minerals. There are several types of crushers available like impact crushers, jaw crushers, and gyratory crushers, All these equipment have crushing and cutting hazards. Impact crushers are operated with high-power motors through belt drives. To feed in/ feed out material there will be conveyor guards. Conveyor guards rollers are a source of nipping hazards. All these hazards required machine guarding. We IES provide safety guarding in the crusher for all those hazards as per machine safety standards OSHA 1926.55 and ISO 14120:2015


  1. Crushing Risks: The powerful mechanisms within crushers can lead to crushing injuries if workers come into contact with moving parts or falling debris.

  2. Entanglement Dangers: Moving components like conveyor belts pose entanglement hazards, risking serious injuries if loose clothing or hair gets caught.

  3. Flying Debris: High-speed crushing processes can propel rocks and debris, causing impact injuries and posing a risk of eye damage.

  4. Noise Exposure: Crushers generate high noise levels during operations, which can lead to hearing loss if proper protection isn’t provided.

  5. Respiratory Hazards: Crushing activities produce dust, including silica, which poses respiratory risks if inhaled without proper protection.

  6. Fall Hazards: Working at elevated heights near crushers requires careful attention to prevent falls and injuries.

  7. Electrical Risks: Electrical motors powering crushers present hazards if wiring is damaged or maintenance isn’t performed correctly.

  8. Maintenance Hazards: Performing maintenance on crushers requires adherence to strict safety protocols to prevent pinch points, crush zones, and other dangers.

products for safety Guarding in crusher

Belt Guards

Guarding Panels

Safety Barriers

Safety Interlocks

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